UNTWISE Blog Series: The Rehabilitation Professional

I wrote this blog for one of the professional organizations I’m associated with…but as I reread it…thought this was as good a place to share it as any. #parisianobstetricianNOT #odetoyouth

The Rehabilitation Professional

Chandra Donnell Carey, Ph.D., CRC Chandra Donnell Carey, Ph.D., CRC

As an undergraduate, I felt like I had my future all worked out. I would complete my pre-med degree, go to medical school, complete my residency and then move to Paris to practice obstetrics. I had two major influences in that career choice – The Cosby Show (it was the show of my youth) and my French teacher, Madame McCullough who had spent her adolescence and college years in France. Well obviously, I had not shared my entire career outlook with my career and guidance counselor; and with no one to talk me out of it, I was off!

Well, sort of. After major stumbling blocks in the first series of Biology courses (i.e., barely passed), it wasn’t until I took the Biology research course and easily passed it, that I realized a different future might be better suited to my skills.

I landed in…

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